Empowered Eco Ed Team 2015


Dana Chapman

How did you feel about teaching before taking this seminar?

I was really nervous about teaching before this quarter because I always worried if I would say something wrong, or the children would “judge” me. I have worked with kids before this, so I was not surprised by their actions and could more easily adapt to when things did not go our way. I now am actually interested in teaching environmental education, which I was not before this quarter.

IMG_2568Kelli Katzer

What was your favorite memory from this quarter? 

My favorite memory from this quarter was when one of the kids looked at me with a wide smile and a twinkle in his eyes, so I sat down next to him and asked him questions about our lesson.. He was so excited to talk to me and share what he learned and I loved the one-on-one interaction. Also seeing some of the kids on the UW campus made them realize I’m a real person and it was adorable.


Lysia Lee

What did you learn about teaching this quarter?

There’s nothing that’s boring for the kids. They are always curious, inquisitive, and eager to learn!

Favorite memory?

Too many! When the kids smile back, tell me what they’ve learned, when they were really focused on their drawings, and gave names to their plants!

Aaron Tam

What did you learn about teaching this quarter?

It definitely taught me a lot about teaching, and that most important of all, it takes time and experience getting used to the kids and getting to know them on a personal level. Being put in the teacher’s shoes taught me a lot more than I had ever learned as a teacher’s assistant about how to work with kids- their behaviors, how to keep their attention, teach respect, and have fun.


Lauren Rowe

How did you feel about teaching before this seminar?

I was really nervous to teach before this seminar began. I was excited too, but my nerves kind of took over.

What about now?

Teaching is much more about reading the situation and thinking on your feet than I thought it was. You have to know the material well, but also read the atmosphere and determine the best way to deliver the information, and if something’s not going well, you have to quickly change direction and try something new.


James McCoy

What did you learn about teaching this quarter?

My perspective on teaching has changed so that I understand now, teaching works best when there is a drive to help community. Helping a community comes in many ways, but teaching is a stronger form and I think students recognize this and its importance.

Favorite memory?

My favorite memory from this quarter would have to be from the storm water lesson where students built clay humans in their model and had them pick up trash in the model.


Alison Wang

How did you feel about teaching before this quarter?

I was super exited and nervous. I had a good idea of what it’s like to be a good teacher, and ideas of situations from past teachers.


It’s not as easy as it looks. Teaching is not just about what we can say or put together before the lesson. It’s more about what the kids can absorb.


Meili Powell

What did you learn about teaching?

I learned that a way to improve my approach to teaching is how to adapt lessons to not only the age of the students, but from what this quarter has taught me, also the energy of the room, the number of adults in the room, and which student is sitting by who.

What was your favorite memory from this quarter?

When our lesson was adapted and worked better the second time around, and also when I asked the kids about habitat destruction, and they were genuinely surprised.

Jen helping the kids mold

Jen Power

What did you learn about teaching this quarter?

Teachers are incredibly underrated. I don’t know why, but society has deemed teaching as an “easy” job. Having 8 weeks to plan just one lesson that would last a mere hour was so hard! Then managing the students during the class and trying to make sure everything went smoothly seemed so overwhelming and chaotic. Looking back on my favorite teachers throughout education, I have a hard time understanding how they possibly did it everyday. I haves such an appreciation for teaching now!
Favorite Memory?
When a student was able to apply things we had taught that day and from previous lessons to completely explain to another student the process of which calcium is in milk. It really showed that the students were interested and taking information for our lessons! And of course another favorite memory was when the students were SO grateful and appreciative at the end of the quarter. They kept asking us to come back again, it made my heart melt with happiness!

IMG_0822Angela Feng

What was your favorite memory?
This whole quarter has been my favorite memory. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true! I got to work with an incredible team of inspiring, passionate people, and watch them grow as educators. I also got to see the kids from Concord, and how much people can change in a year. At our final celebration, we received so many thank you’s and hugs, and so much love and gratitude from the kids. It was a wild ride, but I had the time of my life.

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