In the spring of 2013, UW Earth Club members Angela Feng, Carter Case, Marina Kelsh, and Max Sugarman received the Ackerley Learning to Lead Together scholarship, thanks to the generous donation from the Ginger and Barry Ackerley Foundation.


Together, they developed a series of hands-on environmental education workshops under the project name “Empowered Eco-Ed.” They partnered with the South Park Community Center’s after school program, teaching elementary students each week.

As the project progressed, new connections were made, and the Empowered Eco-Ed team brought their lessons to Concord International Elementary School. A new set of volunteers joined the team of four, and the lessons were a success.

Conchord finale

In partnership with the Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition and the UW Pipeline Project, Empowered Eco-Ed is now a seminar class on environmental education and curriculum writing. Students continue to teach at Concord International Elementary school, expanding the reach of environmental education (and learning a fair bit about teaching as well).


For further inquiries, contact Angela Feng at afeng21@uw.edu.


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