For my lesson plan I decided to do Ecosystems, and with that my objective was for them to be able to identify 6 types of ecosystems, the most common ones since in reality there are about 8 ecosystems. I decided to do 6 of them however, since there was 6 facilitators and it fit in better with one of my activities.

Overall, my lesson plan went good and it took up the entire block that we had the kids for. I had a total of 5 different activities, the first one was a PowerPoint of the 6 different ecosystems along with a picture and 1 fact in each slide. This activity, was good but I think the kids got a little bored while I was lecturing to them what each of the ecosystems was. So maybe for next time do this same thing but in a more engaging way with the kids.

Next, we all split up and helped out a group of kids make a spinner with 6 different ecosystems on each one along with 1 fact from each ecosystem. I felt that this activity was good but unfortunately we didn’t have all the materials to make a workable spinner. I think the kids enjoyed making this craft overall and it had good material to learn from it.

After this, we did an activity where each student was to pick a UW student who had already mastered a specific ecosystem and would help the kids out to draw that ecosystem out. We provided pictures for the kids to base their sketches off on. Each of the UW  students was assigned an ecosystem along with 3 animals and 3 useful facts to help visualize the environment better. After the kids drew their ecosystem they got to get into a circle and share their drawings with each other and basically teach each other. I think this activity was one of my favorites because it seemed to be that this was the kids favorite, except maybe except for when the kids got shy or nervous in explaining their ecosystem. Maybe there was to much pressure for being singled out.

The next activity we did was a rotation between abiotic and biotic factors worksheet, and a Carnivore, Herbivore, omnivore activity. In the abiotic vs biotic worksheet the kids had to decide whether the object shown was a biotic (living thing) or an abiotic (non-living thing). In the Carnivore game, the kids had a hammer to hit whether we as the UW students instructed them to hit either only carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

I think the things that would need to be fixed if I was to redo this assignment again would be to make sure I bring all the correct materials, that being the materials for the spinner, also I should change up the PowerPoint and maybe include a separate activity where this could reach the same objective of learning the 6 different ecosystems, and finally I would change up the carnivore game to include more specific animals since it was confusing at first because we had plants and other animals that didn’t belong there which made it confusing for the kids to know whether it was a carnivore omnivore or herbivore.


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