Signing off from Empowered Eco Ed!

This was our last week for the quarter!

During the first half of the day, we made thank you cards and a thank you poster to Macklemore, who supports our sponsor, the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, and who also helped our program with its funding in its initial stages. Although he no longer directly funds us, we are still thankful to Macklemore and his wife for their past and current support for us and the Duwamish River! While the students made the thank you cards, we played some of Macklemore’s music (clean versions). Some of the kids really were enjoying the music!



After making the cards we moved outside for the party. We munched on a feast of healthy goodies–organic animal crackers, clementines, and greek yogurt with granola. To drink, there was mango juice and apple juice. In addition to snacking and talking, some of us played games and raced each other around the track.


There was a lot of changes this quarter–a different teaching format, a new course facilitator, new students, and a new Concord school coordinator. However, one thing didn’t change–the amount of fun we had with the kids and the meaning this course has for both us and the kids.

Right now, it is unsure whether Concord will be able to continue after-school programs, so it may be the last quarter of Empowered Eco-Education. Despite this, I am grateful for being given the opportunity to participate in Empowered Eco-Education. Teaching the kids and creating curriculum hasn’t been easy, but I have learned a lot from the experience. The students at Concord are bright, brilliant, and wonderful kids and deserve the best. Whether or not we return, I am grateful I was able to work with them, City Year/YMCA, and Concord Elementary. It’s been a wonderful journey. Three cheers for Empowered Eco Ed!





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